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The opening reception for My Hair is Not Real, featuring work by artists Adrian Bertolone and Denton Crawford, is Friday, September 9th, from 6-9 PM at Starlight Gallery, 340 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14202. Work by the Starlight Artists, Ron Steele, Jeremy Pratt, and Saeed Dubaishi will also be on display. The exhibit will be on view through September 23rd.

“An unusual cast of characters populates My Hair is Not Real,” said Kyle Butler, curator at Starlight Studio, “Denton Crawford's iconographic portraits, more hair than face, accented by flora and geometry, flirt with a tentative spirituality. Adrian Bertolone's discerning scrawls near a similar transience, though with spirituality replaced by an exploratory sardonicism.”

According to Butler, Crawford and Bertolone’s work fits well with the featured Starlight Artists’ as, “At some point in between, Jeremy Pratt's reductive figures seem to evade emotion in their expressions, yet the landscapes they inhabit are nearly toppled by exuberant gesture. Ron Steele's characters are the most present, the most apparent, but with a sobering absence of glamor born of loose marks and slack jaws. But it's not all friends and acquaintances, saints and folks. Saeed Dubaishi's serial mark-making agglomerations overwhelm their own borders. Steele presents an unsteady series of car paintings. And the show comes to a seeming end/beginning with Crawford's purple tombstone/door, back-lit with fake plant.”

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