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Haunts: Trevor Grabill and Larell Potter


TREVOR GRABILL Artist Statement

I’m a story collector – I spend time anywhere I can find people (or evidence of people), listening and taking notes. These notes crystallize in narrative images, which I whittle down to their most basic elements, uncovering the spirit of the story and turning what was once a novel into a fable. In these stories, I seek the myth in the everyday, from the small myth of the rumor to the grand one of the ghost story or folktale. I nurture the subjective truth – hyperbole, exaggeration, and sometimes fabrication – as a compassionate tool for embracing multiple personal experiences of the world. In the final result, my goal is to tell stories in a way that helps create a powerful, shared platform for re-envisioning our community.

—Trevor Grabill is a multimedia illustrator whose experiences have thus far gravitated around the western great lakes. He thinks a lot about snow and houseplants.

LARELL POTTER Artist Statement

“Life is art, art is life.”

This is Larell Potter’s philosophy. Gifted with the ability to refresh the overlooked tidbits of everyday life, Larell reclaims the discarded. Adding images influenced by TV or embossing these castoffs into glistening treasures, he revitalizes the world into a distinct narrative that is completely his own. “Everything has the possibility to be turned into art”.

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