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Starlight Shines on the Kenan Center
February 21 – March 21, 2021

The Starlight Studio Exhibition presents a number of local Starlight Artists’ works at the Kenan House Gallery in Lockport, NY.

13 Starlight artists were exhibited throughout the house. Each artist was represented in one of the rooms. 

The exhibition highlights the work of 13 artists including Dana Graap, Chace Lobley, Eric Johnson, John Budney, Debbie Medwin, John Montedoro, Jocelyn Triggle, Paul Chandler, Kelly Evans, Larell Potter, Shamika Long, Sonya Lewis and Zeyneb Johnson.

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Kenan Floorplan_Page_2.jpg
Copy of Sonya Lewis-the whole world-45x3

The Whole World


Mix media on canvas