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Andrew Isadore Calderon, aka The Poet AIC, is a creative spirit and has always listened to various works of poetry.  Growing up on the West Side of Buffalo, Calderon gained an interest in rap and hip-hop music through family members. However, years later, Andrew’s interest in art really came to the light when he achieved the fine arts award at Bennett High School for taking all the art and music classes that the school had to offer, graduating from Bennett with a local diploma in June 1993.

Calderon attributes his success to the members of the creative and poetic community, especially his writing mentors, Robin F. Brox and Elizabeth Mariani. Calderon currently attends Starlight Studio and Art Gallery, an art day program at where he creates poetry and other, various visual art.

Prior to the concerns of the last year and a half, The Poet AIC performed any chance he got including at Starlight Studio art openings and Spot Coffee’s open mic night. Calderon contributed to two anthologies, In Starlight’s Genesis: An Anthology and (Dis)Integration.  Livin’ God’s Crazy Dream is Calderon’s first solo poetry book. He currently resides in North Buffalo and continues to write poetry.

Praise for "Livin' God's Crazy Dream":


Andrew Calderon’s words fill the page with the intensity of a rap anthem. His rhymes are both playful and finely crafted. They leave the reader smiling in wonderful amazement at both their creative flair and their depth. Like a pop song that has become a timeless classic, Calderon’s poems evoke nostalgia tempered by the gritty reality of the past. 
- Michael Rembis, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of History Director, Center for Disability Studies and Co-editor of (Dis)Integration

The words in Calderon’s poems seem to punch off the page in a tense rapping style with a balanced mixture of power and poignancy.  They are often angry but it is not the kind of anger that leaves the recipient cringing or feeling guilty.  In A Teeny Tiny Bit about Myself, the litany of hurts and insults: “I was the slow one at school A retard An idiot A dim wit – A fool” ends with a positive burst of certainty and self-esteem: “Nowhere near Where I am Today.”  This is a writer with astute observations about life around him and a solid grasp of emotive language. He takes his experiences, “One heart ache at a time,” and uses them to recognize his own worth “From The First To The Very Last Event – Reciting Out Loud The Poetic Words I Meant.”  
-Jennifer Gold is an author of children’s picture books Top Leaf and Yes! I Knew the Queen and a radio and magazine journalist.  


So That Is Where I AmAndy Calderon
00:00 / 01:34

So That Is Where I Am

Not Even Awake As The Wheels Turn
Got Up Early The Fyre Started To Burn
Got On The Bus To Go To The Place I Heal
Got On The Bus To Go To The Place Where Art Is Real
From The First To The Very Last Event
Reciting Out Loud The Poetic Words I Meant


So That Is Where I Am
Anxiety And Nerves Become Adrenalin
Now I’m Ready To Jam
There Are Big Thangs Comin’ And Comin’ Fast
Through It All Got To Be Sure I Can Last
The Time Has Come To Tell The Story
A Production, A Book, Good Times And Good People
Constantly Making History
Through It All Just Livin’ God’s Crazy Dream
Happy On The Way Home After It All Happens
Then I Will Be Ready To Scream
Unexpected What All Were Unexpecting
Perfected Personal Performances 
All Part Of A Production That The Genius Girl Was Perfecting
Between People The Name Of The Production
That The Genius Girl Was Erecting


Not Even Awake As The Wheels Turn
Got Up Early The Fyre Started To Burn
Got On The Bus To Go To The Place I Heal
Got On The Bus To Go To The Place Where Art Is Real
From The First To The Very Last Event
Reciting Out Loud The Poetic Words That I Meant


Holy WednesdayAndy Calderon
00:00 / 00:31

Holy Wednesday

On Wednesday morning took the bus to see GOD
Got the holy ashes put on my forehead
“We all came from the dust
To the dust we all shall return”
Are the words that The Almighty GOD said 
For the forgiveness of all my sins
Is the reason why The Almighty GOD bled
The almighty GOD died on the Holy Cross
Three days later The Almighty GOD rose from the dead


Falling on Tha 4th DayAndy Calderon
00:00 / 00:31

Falling On Tha 4TH Day

Ash Wednesday
In the afternoon
Ice on the Ground
Is when I went down


I fell
And my bills went flyin’
I was not tryin’
Nor denyin’
Nor was I cryin’


I felt like a
Big, Injured, Grizzly Bear
With Shaggy, Brown Hair
That fell
Mad as Hell
Got up holding its arm 
Growling and snarling


After Tha Turbulent A.M.Andy Calderon
00:00 / 00:53

After Tha Turbulent A.M

Calmin’ down after a turbulent morning
Nothin’ was boring
Touring many creative laboratories
Clay and jewelry makin’ 
Typhoon, thunderstorm and earthquakin’


In 2005 art hit me like a lightning bolt
Gave me a burst, a shock and a sudden jolt
Started to burn like a ragin’ fire
Started to flow through me like a live wire


Through my art
My craft
A passion
I thank the Lord that this is lastin’
Takin’ a big swig
Like a Poland Spring
Cold chillin’ in the library
Doin’ my thing
But at the end of the day
Not makin’ a fuss
On my way home
on the 2:30 bus


Deep ThoughtsAndy Calderon
00:00 / 00:26

Deep Thoughts

Pink and purple polka dots at Easter
Springtime with Edmarie
Nice weather makes me happy
Peace and tranquility
A nighttime sky in summer
Mideastern graffiti
A man with Bob Marley looks
A mass for all that have passed away
To the next life like Evelyn
Still, I see the next day