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Artwork By James Paulsen & Dana Graap

Opening Reception: Friday, May 25, 2018
on-view through July 1st

Artist Statement – James Paulsen

I work with images of Americana found on postcards, press photos, magazines, movie stills, and other sources. These familiar images form a shared psychological landscape. My work seeks to go beneath the veil of everyday appearance, and to explore concealed subterranean areas. I enjoy creating unexpected associations and new possibilities in seemingly mundane subjects.
I integrate separate images, creating an associative synthesis of the two. Distinct elements coalesce, and the final image operates as a visual metaphor. In the new image, an implicit comparison between remote objects is made, and hidden affinities and new possibilities are brought to the fore.


Dana Graap—

There is whimsy in Dana’s work, and a consistent combination of storybook narrative with a charming visual style. Dana’s current artistic focus revolves around her books of drawings. These depictions started with studies of works in art history reference texts. She inserts herself into all of these drawings and adds smiles to the faces. Recently she has turned these smaller drawings in her books into large paintings, full of bright color and imagery that fills the entire canvas.

Dana was introduced to playwriting and scriptwriting by participating in workshops at Starlight with Squeaky Wheel Media Center and with a visiting playwright. She has written her first play to be debuted at Alleyway Theater of Buffalo, New York in November 2018 called “Hot Rock Hotel”. This project was funded and made possible by NYSCA and governor Andrew Cuomo and NYS legislature; administered by Arts Services Initiative of WNY. Beth Geyer from Unique Theater Company and Dana will be announcing auditions later this year. STAY TUNED! In 2014 Dana was pleased to be featured as the subject of a short documentary created by her Starlight peers, entitled, The Whole Shebang.

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