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Starlight Shines on the Kenan Center
February 21 – March 21, 2021

The Starlight Studio Exhibition presents a number of local Starlight Artists’ works at the Kenan House Gallery. 

Virtual Tour will be available week of February 21, 2021.


Kenan House Gallery Hours
Monday-Friday, Noon–4 pm


Appointment required for all visits. Please call 716.433.2617 to schedule your visit or tour.

No admission; $5 donation is greatly appreciated.

If you don't have a chance to get to the Kenan Center please enjoy the exhibit virtually below! 
Each gallery represents one of the Kenan Center rooms.
If you're interested in purchasing an artwork from this show please contact us or the Kenan Center directly.

Kenan Floorplan_Page_1.jpg
Kenan Floorplan_Page_2.jpg
Kenan Stairwell- Sonya Lewis
Copy of Sonya Lewis-the whole world-45x3

Sonya Lewis

The Whole World


Mix media on canvas


Kenan Lobby- Chace Lobley
Kenan Ladies Parlor- Dana Graap
Kenan South Bedroom- Eric Johnson
Mrs. Kenan's Bedroom- Kelly Evans
Mr. Kenan's Bedroom- Larell Potter
Kenan North Bedroom- Shamika Long
Kenan Dining Room- Zeyneb Johnson

Remembering Alison Mantione

It is with a heavy heart, that the Starlight Studio and Art Gallery Program of the Learning Disabilities Association of WNY must say good bye to one of its star artists, Alison Mantione.  

With an eye to perfection, Alison had a focused approach to her art making. Turtles, animals, and nature imagery were the primary subject matter of her methodical creations. Her artwork evoked emotion and asked the spectator to take a closer look.  


Alison joined Starlight Studio and Art Gallery in 2008. “I think I can be a perfectionist in my art making… I like to take my time when I make my art. It’s important to me to use the right colors and shapes to have things come out the way I like”. One of the highlights of Alison’s time at Starlight Studio included her work in the afterschool arts program called AIM, Arts Instruction Mentoring, where she helped to facilitate artmaking with youth. She learned to research lesson plans, manage art supplies, and teach projects. “I feel like the mentoring program is helping me manage my time and feel more accomplished. This makes me feel really good about myself”.  “My sense of liking things to be ‘just so’ has helped me to have patience with the kids, because I have learned things take time.” 

Along with the exacting drawings and paintings that Alison created, she also was a collector of objects that she found while walking through the city neighborhood where Starlight Studio is located (“her second home” as her Mom referred to Starlight Studio). 

In March 2018, as part of its Side by Each exhibition series, Starlight Studio was proud to organize and host an exhibit of Alison and the Buffalo artist, Marc Tomko’s, artwork which showcased their respective collections of found objects.  As the exhibition curator wrote, “the two artists collect for reasons both habitual and creative. Alison Mantione collects from the world around her seemingly indiscriminately: broken jewelry, discarded packaging, pins, bottle caps, a damaged license plate, broken bike parts, and more, all from the proverbial discard bin of gutters, yards and sidewalks. The found objects are organized by date-discovered, placed in bags or other containers, and labeled in Mantione's idiosyncratic handwriting that is as much flourish as it is text."

Alison was a singular artist and human being. Her motivation was peace and understanding.   

She was a free spirit and a loyal friend to all – sensitive to the under-dogs of this world. Alison hoped that her artwork reflected her dedication to improving this world by inspiring others to create peaceful nonjudgmental attitudes. Her openness, curiosity, humor, acceptance, generosity, and glitter will live on in Starlight Studio’s institutional memory.

Supporting Starlight Studio & Art Gallery and other programs and services through the LDA of WNY is easy.
Each tax deductible donation will go directly towards enhancing and developing services that support the dreams and needs of the individuals we serve. We know that together we can make a difference in the lives of those who mean the most to us.

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