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Sometimes You Just Might

Sometimes You Just Might: Emma Repp & John Montedoro


EMMA REPP Artist Statement

These pieces are about taking what could induce the need to escape and just building something beautiful right on top of it. Mostly, they just happened. They are made digitally from handmade elements I scan and collage together, usually while listening to Nicki Minaj. I want them to feel like the pop song you listen to while eating ice cream after a man on the street made fun of your shoes.

—Emma is a Seattle based digital illustrator who spends a lot of time chatting with a fairly docile pug named Roobie Boohbah Justin Bieber. She studied Printmaking at the University of Michigan, where she focused on highly intricate etchings she has shown across the country. Eventually her work translated to the digital realm as she became more interested in layering and more shocking color combinations. Her current work came out of years of developing a technique that works around the way digital tools are typically used. She gets messy, but her desk is clean.


John’s spontaneous and whimsical combinations are layers of line, color, and shape capturing his daily life discoveries. “My mind inspires me. The past, the present, the future…there are a billion years that happened. That inspires me, of course. I make everything different in a thousand, million ways”. “I make TVs, I make radios, words, repeated shapes, musical guitars, concerts, play drums and tambourines”. While at Starlight Studio, John is almost continually drawing, painting, weaving, embroidering or working in clay.

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