Sheila Bush

Sheila’s participation in the Starlight art program is her first in-depth involvement in the arts. Her life is full and independent. She enjoys working, traveling, and keeping contact with friends and family. Artistically, she works with a willingness to try new things and embrace the discoveries within the process. Currently, most of Sheila’s studio time is spent weaving scarves and purses. Her execution is exacting and careful, creating a polished finish. She often adorns these creations with her handmade ceramic buttons.

Sheila is proud to be working in Starlight’s afterschool program with youth. She is a dependable volunteer who designs, demonstrates and facilitates art making with the kids.

Scarf Purple

Crocheted Purple Scarf

Scarf Blue

Crocheted Blue Scarf


Crocheted Blue and Gray Striped Purse