Ricky Hogan

“As a kid I would look through a telescope at the stars and make up stories about life in other galaxies,” says Ricky Hogan when discussing his inspiration for creating art. He was raised in South Buffalo, NY and remembers from childhood, always feeling a need to be creative. Drawing spaceships and aliens, creating leather billfolds and wallets, or dressing as a clown while working at a carnival, Ricky has let his imagination guide his creative impulse. His latest projects involve a form of rolled paper art called quilling (check out this video he made about quilling with help from Squeaky Wheel Media Center!), in which he creates intricate designs, interesting images, and even jewelry!  He also uses found objects such as pop can tabs to make earrings.  As a published poet, Ricky uses his poems to express his feelings about his environment and the humans and others who populate it.  Ricky lives in Buffalo, NY.