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Wooden Cities

Collaboration with Wooden Cities


In collaboration with artists from Starlight Studio and Art Gallery, Wooden Cities presents an evening of original graphic scores composed by

Starlight Artists.

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Starlight Studio and Art Gallery, known for its distinctive art, artists, and exhibitions, is composing graphic music with musical ensemble, Wooden Cities. Wooden Cities will perform these original compositions on Friday, July 15th at 7pm at Starlight Studio’s Downtown Buffalo location at 340 Delaware Avenue. Wooden Cities brought the enriching opportunity of learning about contemporary musical aesthetics and performance practice to 24 Starlight Artists over the course of two sessions.

Graphic scores are a visual representation of music. They are created of lines, shapes, and colors in various sizes and patterns. The Wooden Cities musicians use various instruments to interpret the symbols in the artwork as sounds of varying pitch, timbre, timing, length of notes, and pauses between notes. The idea parallels more traditional musical scoring and makes scoring accessible to the non-music reading person.

Members of Wooden Cities, including Brendan Fitzgerald, Ethan Hayden, and Nick Emmanuel, worked with Starlight Artists in two sessions to teach about contemporary music and to create graphic compositions.

Starlight’s program director, Carrie Marcotte expresses, “We are thrilled that Wooden Cities invited us to take part in this program with them. It has been an ideal pairing of our highly expressive visual artists with really talented musicians and educators. Because Starlight is an open art studio, the artists are by nature experimental and open-minded. They readily took to this new experience.”

This project was developed by Wooden Cities and was made possible by the Community Arts and Arts Education Grant, funded by the NYS Council of the Arts with the support of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the NYS Legislature, NYSCA has placed Arts Services Initiative of WNY in charge of the grant process and distribution.

Join us at Starlight Studio and Art Gallery on Friday, July 15th at 7pm for this performance and reception. Free and open to the public.

About Starlight:

Created by the Learning Disabilities Association of Western New York (LDA of WNY) in 2005, Starlight Studio and Art Gallery is the first studio of its kind in WNY. Starlight is a vibrant art studio located in downtown Buffalo that supports adults with disabilities in their artistic development. Starlight’s public gallery features exhibits by the artists of Starlight Studio as well other artists.

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About Wooden Cities:

Central to Wooden Cities' mission is a desire to introduce audiences and students to contemporary musical aesthetics and performance practice. Programs are often designed in an attempt to expose audiences to new musical experiences and ways of listening. The ensemble is also devoted to working with young musicians and encouraging them to explore new methods of creating, performing, and thinking about music. Through a variety of programs and workshops, Wooden Cities hopes to engage students in absorbing discussions and unique musical exercises aimed at increasing their awareness and experience of contemporary music.

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