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Peepers: Paintings by Mathew Sharp
On-view in the Community 
Extra Extra!

To purchase or view Mathew's works visit our online store! 

Peepers: Paintings by Mathew Sharp at Extra Extra!

Curated by Emily Reynolds


"Across abstract and figurative work, Mathew Sharp’s paintings peer back at you. Eyes are a recurring motif, pulling his unruly figures out from their backgrounds: bunnies and people in space, in blizzards, in tornados; Lady Gaga singing at President Biden’s 2021 inauguration; a “pickle” sunrise enjoyed by a group of cyclops. 

Sharp draws and paints several days a week at Starlight Art Studio, a studio for artists with disabilities, focusing his work on such surreal scenes, loosely drawn from both his experience and his imagination. His paintings are especially notable for their use of roughly applied fields of color, with line-drawn figures on top.
Come see his work at the opening May 10 or whenever you’re getting a slice at Extra Extra!"


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