Dana Graap

There is whimsy in Dana’s work, and a consistent combination of storybook narrative with a charming visual style. Dana’s current artistic focus revolves around her books of drawings. These depictions started with studies of works in art history reference texts. She inserts herself into all of these drawings and adds smiles to the faces. She looks forward to creating more of these books and has plans to make a coloring book from them for others to enjoy.

Dana was introduced to playwriting and scriptwriting by participating in workshops at Starlight with Squeaky Wheel Media Center and with a visiting playwright.  In 2018, Dana’s play Hot Rock Hotel was produced by Unique Theatre Company and staged at the Alleyway Theatre in Buffalo. 

Dana remains absorbed by thoughts and plans of writing a screen play, which tells the story of making a better world beginning with the White House. 

In 2014 Dana was pleased to be featured as the subject of a short documentary created by her Starlight peers, entitled, The Whole Shebang. Look for it on Starlight’s Vimeo page.