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Creature Discomfort

Opening Reception: June 3, 2022

For the first time in years, Starlight Studio and Art Gallery is exhibiting the work of its Teaching Artists.  Along with aiding the creative work of participants at the studio, each TA pursues their own individual creative practice.  

The work on display represents recent stopping points, preoccupations, and processes of each artist:
Sussan Giallombardo has recently developed a way of formalizing natural and architectural imagery into minimalist, highly textured surfaces of pure color and unmasked shapes.  

Lily Booth has put her delicate rendering sensibilities to use illustrating passages of writing by her daughter.  

Maggie Parks continues to build on an ongoing body of work that draws from memory, dreams, and symbolic self-portraiture combined with a painterly language of loose marks and built up surface layers creating an atmosphere akin to a fever-dream.  

And Kyle Butler looks back to some long standing imagery in his work of the built environment, isolating images of debris and collapse and rendering them with new techniques.  

While the work is visually diverse and comes from different places, there are through-lines at play: the beasts and creatures of Maggie Parks’ and Lily Booth’s recent work and the formal transformations of environmental forms in Sussan Giallombardo’s and Kyle Butler’s work.  The title, Creature Discomfort, is a play on some of those themes and on the dispositions of the artists conveyed by their work.
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