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Bradd Young & Steve Robinson

Opening Reception: Friday, May 17th, 2019


On-view through June 14th, 2019

tigers and pinwheels.jpg
Bradd Young
Steve R.png
Steve Robinson

Bradd Young Artist Statement & Bio:


SALUT is the brand name for the artwork created by 23-year-old Rochester artist, Bradd Young. The unique artwork and illustrations have a simple sense of beauty, surrealness and humor with a soft pastel color pallet. There is often a great attention to detail mixed with the subtle imagery of shapes and colors. The artwork is inspired by the innocent feelings and imagery of summer we envision as a kid; the emotions that, as an adult, feel like dreams. As a result, the subject matter of the work is often of the free-association of tropical vacations, festivities, hanging out with friends, and nature. Ultimately, SALUT strives to create lighthearted dreamy art that would appeal to one’s younger self.

Young’s work has been featured at the 670 Gallery and the 23rd Annual COTA Exhibition located in Hampton, Va. Locally, Young’s artwork was exhibited and sold at the Yards Gallery, and Norchar and Haus Realtors on Park Avenue. City Newspaper interviewed Young and highlighted his Faux Ete Gallery show in June 2017.  Young created apparel artwork for Daily Bread Apparel, R.I.T, Kink BMX, and D.J. Tim Jones. Young’s artwork was featured and sold as the solo artist in April 2018 at the Let’s Be Friends Fundraiser Event at the Chase Building, Downtown Rochester.  In 2018, SALUT was the only local muralist featured in the 11th Annual Wall Therapy Project in Rochester, NY.  The Art/Works Project of City Newspaper featured SALUT as Episode 7 in the series highlighting artists. In February 2019, SALUT was celebrated as one of the exciting talented artists at the MAG Social.

Young is both a member of the Hungerford Art Community and the UUU Art Collective. His work is exhibited and sold out of his studio, Room 345, under the name SALUT and his work was featured at the UUU Collective’s gallery located on State Street in April 2019.

Steve Robinson Artist Bio


Steve is a native Buffalonian. He makes a living as a maintenance worker. He recalls starting to make art around 1998. His work encompasses a great variety of everyday objects, some nostalgic, such as houses, cutlery, weapons, furniture, animals, people, and skeletons. Steve’s artwork shows a lot of symmetry and harmony as well as bold shapes. As seen in his drawings and paintings, he effectively uses strong colors. He enjoys listening to music from Motown while he paints.

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