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Black Lives Matter:
This month we will be celebrating the diversity of Starlight Studio & Art Gallery

The past few weeks of attention and action towards the Black Lives Matter reality have opened up a wide landscape of responses: exceptionally lucid conversations, frank calls for self-assessment, tangible legislative action, shared community resources, consistent community protest, and what one hopes is a broad, renewed, and persevering push toward correcting the ways in which racism is ingrained in our society.  At Starlight, the contributions of African-American, African, and multi-ethnic artists are a critical part of our creative world.  With the hope that a celebration of their work has a place among the responses to the moment, we have assembled this exhibition.  The work itself is as diverse as the hands that made it: reflections on settings of home by Zeyneb Johnson, the inquisitive crafting of Sheila Bush and Rosita Scott, the adamant repetition of Paul Chandler and Sonya Lewis, the interpretive landscapes of Eric Johnson, the skill and inventiveness of Chace Lobley and Shamika Long, and the deeply unique languages of Steve Robinson and Larell Potter.  It is, unsurprisingly, a complicated and endearing reflection of minds and milieus.  Check out the work, stay active, stay focused. As always, Starlight artists receive 50% of artworks sales, and for this exhibition we will be donating the other half to Black Love Resists in the Rust, a collective of organizers and artists who identify as Black, Brown, and People of Color (POC) who believe in and work towards Transformative Social Justice. For more information visit:

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