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Ann Moody, Kelly Evans, & Shamika Long
Also Exhibited: 
Debbie Medwin's solo exhibit in the Blue Sink Cafe

With Sonya Lewis, Lisa Kobis, Rosita Scott in our Hallway

Starlight's First Ever ALL-FEMALE Art Exhibit!

Opening Reception: Friday, May 5, 2017
On-view through June 16, 2017

Ann Moody's stuffed fabric sculptures have popped up recently around towns in exhibitions at BT&C gallery, Dreamland and 515 Main. For her exhibition at Starlight, Moody will be showing one large fabric piece accompanied by a series of mono prints where the artist develops a sort of taxonomy of simple forms and characters. 

Moody's work will be featured alongside the angular portraiture of Kelly Evans and the headphones, kicks and hairbrush drawings of Shamika Long.

Debbie Medwin
Rosita Scott                                                                               Lisa Kobis                                                                       Sonya Lewis
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