Alison Mantione

With an eye to perfection, Alison has a focused approach to her art making. Turtles, animals, and nature imagery are the primary subject matter of her methodical creations. Her artwork evokes emotion and asks the spectator to take a closer look. Alison’s motivation is peace and understanding. She believes in “paying it forward” as well as in the power of karma.
Growing up with a non-verbal learning disability Alison found school life difficult but overcame this adversity with family support and working very hard.
She is a free spirit and a loyal friend to all – sensitive to the under-dogs of this world. Alison hopes her artwork reflects her dedication to improving this world by inspiring others to create peaceful nonjudgmental attitudes

Alison Mantione practiced her art at Starlight Studio and Art Gallery from 2008- 2021
These images are part of her daily collection of found objects Meticulously cataloged in Ziploc bags which create a miniature time capsule of discarded fragments of life that become art.